monday makes me depressed

Last night i found out that A/UX wouldn’t install on an LC II. And it’s just after i bring one home…
My turtle has been sick for more than a week…
hehe. :) my friend/roommate has recieved a letter from his girlfriend on saturday, he has also recieved one today. Girlz… I still don’t get how it’s possible to write a letter in two days for someone you chat on skype and/or ICQ everyday… :) Sometimes all that looks stupid (or am I jealous?)… :|
WHY THE FUCK is it so cold outside??? Today we had to heat up our flat once again. It’s May 24th!!! Summer begins in seven days, and the weather is still awfull!!! Fuck!

Linkin Park – Reanimation. That rocks when I feel like that.

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