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Rules of thumb in making software that is actually localizable

Over the past few years, I’ve participated in localizing quite a few diverse bits of software. This includes desktop applications, content management systems, websites, and even an SMS service.

While gaining that experience, I’ve noticed some patterns and practices that the developers often apply without realizing how harmful their use can be to the localization quality of the end product. In fact, I suspect that pretty often those practices are being thought of as helpful, and not harming… Until it’s a little too late: code has been written and tested, and rewriting it would cost lots of both time and money.

Toliau skaityti Rules of thumb in making software that is actually localizable


Viskas. Nuo šiandien reikia pradėti rimtai dirbti. Kadangi pats sunkiai prisiversčiau, tai parašysiu bent webloge. Darbo metu aš dirbu. Taškas. Tad nesistebėkite, jei dieną nerasit manęs IRC, arba rasit su dideliu Idle. Ir spirkit subinėn, jei rasit plepantį. Reikia dirbti. Vistik atostogos už trijų savaičių, o darbo dar ojojoj kiek…

Starting today, I’ll be working. Working a lot. So don’t be surprised not to see me on IRC, or to find out i’m idling a lot. There’s much to do until my vacation in August, so i have to work. It’s time to kill that laziness in me. At work, I work.

rq:~# killall -9 lazed

UTF-8 in IRC

I’ve read this post of Q-FUNK.

Some thoughts about that:

What if someone recycled Gaim’s encoding detection bits into an IRC server patch that does the reverse action: order anyone whose client outputs non-UTF encoded 8-bit to reconfigure their character-set to UTF-8?

That’s the easy part. ICONV does charset conversion, and in case input or output charset is wrong, it exits with an error, or converts every unsuitable character into a questionmark. Then, I guess, you can simply use something like this: Toliau skaityti UTF-8 in IRC

Want a nice LILO? :)

My LILO bootscreen Some time ago, i came across this nice LILO splashscreen for Debian. Now i decided to share it with everyone. :)
So, here it comes:

AFAIR, these versions only differ in a color of the text of available boot options („b“ makes it black, and „w“ – white).


Let this be a small HOWTO for those Debian users who want to beautify their LILO splash. It may, or may not, apply to other distros.

WARNING! You, and only you are responsible for any consequences of following these steps. This instruction should not harm your computer, however, i would recommend to have an emergency boot floppy or a bootable CD to boot the machine from, in case problems occur.

Toliau skaityti Want a nice LILO? :)

monday makes me depressed

Last night i found out that A/UX wouldn’t install on an LC II. And it’s just after i bring one home…
My turtle has been sick for more than a week…
hehe. :) my friend/roommate has recieved a letter from his girlfriend on saturday, he has also recieved one today. Girlz… I still don’t get how it’s possible to write a letter in two days for someone you chat on skype and/or ICQ everyday… :) Sometimes all that looks stupid (or am I jealous?)… :|
WHY THE FUCK is it so cold outside??? Today we had to heat up our flat once again. It’s May 24th!!! Summer begins in seven days, and the weather is still awfull!!! Fuck!

Linkin Park – Reanimation. That rocks when I feel like that.